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Every day over 10,000 articles are published on hundreds of news topics.

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The Factual automatically analyzes how informative a story is based on diversity of sources, factual tone of writing, author's expertise, and more.

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The Factual

We love to read the news. But in the age of clickbait and biased news, we lost confidence in which stories and sources to trust.

So we decided to apply what we learned at Stanford and IIT Madras to restore faith in the news.

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Amy D.

"I've gone through various iterations of news digests over the years and frankly, they all kind of suck (either have information that is far too dumbed down, or things that are irrelevant), until this."

"I read The Factual every single day from top to bottom. It’s an amazing level-set on how to balance perspectives in my mind."

Christopher D.


"After moving to the USA a year ago, the abysmal state of partisan news media nearly defeated me. I found The Factual a week ago and can say with all honesty that you've restored my faith in online news coverage! My husband and I were remarking just this morning how refreshing it is to receive a daily digest that goes beyond slandering either side of politics. Thank you -- and keep up the great work!"

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